Monday, May 2, 2011

This story is too short for me to say much about it.

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The Mind of Mr. Manning

            The cold metal table in the middle of the room was bare, but it gave Mr. Manning something to lean on. Officer Harriman sat across from him, his back to the one-way mirror that concealed two or three observers.
             “So,” began Mr. Manning, “an interrogation? I’m surprised you didn’t just throw me into a prison cell to rot for eternity… or just shoot me outright.”
              Officer Harriman responded with a deathly stare. “I would have chosen the execution, but that’s not my decision to make. I’ve been asked to interrogate you before we decide what to do with you.”

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

These short stories have been assembled into a collection on Scribd.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Thinking Vine

 This story is one of my favorites, because it's told from a plant's point of view.

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The Thinking Vine
            I am not like the others. I was different when They made me. They made me better. They made me faster.
            I can sense the light. It comes down from above. I know which way is up because I can sense which way is down. I can sense the moisture. It is down.
            I cannot sense Them unless They are between me and the light. But every day, They come to take the food I have stored up for myself. They tear it from my limbs. They take it because They made me for it. They made me to create food faster than the others. And I hate Them for it. I hate Them for the pain of having my work separated from me. I want to hurt Them. Destroy Their work as They have ruined mine.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This one is about defiance of destiny, hence the title.

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            As the clash of swords quickly rose to a roar, Raiden the Insurgent sought out his main target. Dressed more elaborately than nearby subordinates, the Head of the Imperial Guard soon found himself locked in combat with the Insurgent whose name was already spoken as a legend.
            “Surrender,” spat the Guard after a series of defensive blows, “and perhaps the Emperor will spare your life.”
            “Never!” cried Raiden with a fierce strike. “His reign ends with the day!”
            “You fool,” said the Guard, even as the movements of his sword became more frantic. “You cannot hope to withstand his might.”
            “I must,” responded Raiden. With one last strike, he disarmed his opponent, then raised his blade for the killing blow.
            “It is my destiny.”

Friday, December 3, 2010


Underlines are supposed to be italics, representing someone's thoughts. Or they might just be emphasis.

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            The planet's only city had no name. As the last of its kind, it needed none. Six massive nuclear reactors surrounded it, providing power to the lone establishment.
            Within the city, the Warden spoke to his son. “Soon, you will take my place,” he said. “You will become the Warden, and it is you who will oversee the workings of the Earth. Do not be lulled by the simplicity of your task. If ever any component of the world fails and cannot be repaired by Caomhnóir, you must repair it and ensure that it can be repaired should it fail again. In the meantime, study the knowledge stored by Caomhnóir.” He coughed suddenly, and then a rasping chuckle clawed its way out of his throat. “After all, only you remain to continue the legacy of mankind.”

The Will of the Enemy

This is probably the first short story I've ever written of any quality.

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The Will of the Enemy

            The Head of Council grasped his staff, gazing down at the other members of the Council from his seat at the room's pinnacle.
            “Brothers,” he said in a grave tone, “we have a cause for concern.”
            Those councilmen who had not already felt the ominous air of the Council Chambers were set upon by unyielding silence. Sensing this, the Head continued.
            “The Enemy, after the long period in which their sights were set on other prey, is once again turning their gaze to us. Their target this time is our mining facilities, which have long provided us with the defenses we need to resist them. Rather than attempting to take the mines by force, having already seen why that is unwise, the Enemy is taking another approach. The following is a letter recently delivered by one of their messengers.”
            The Head pulled a paper from the folds of his robe and read, his thunderous voice heard by all.